How to Light a Jenn-Air Grill

Jenn-Air is perhaps best known for making vented kitchen cooking appliances, but the company also licenses its name to Lowe's for a line of stainless steel propane and natural gas grills for outdoor use.

These large grills are designed for serious outdoor chefs, with a grilling capacity on most models for up to 40 hamburgers at a time. Lighting one of these enormous grills may seem intimidating, but the process is not significantly different than lighting a tabletop gas grill at the local park.

Open the valve on the top of the propane tank, or the valve to the nozzle of the natural gas line behind the grill, by turning counter-clockwise.

Push in and simultaneously turn the burner control knob clockwise to release a flow of gas to the grill burners.

Press the ignition button on the front control panel of the grill. This is a red button, set into a chrome seal, mounted on the control panel. The grill should ignite instantly.

Turn off the burner control knob if the grill fails to light after pushing the ignition button 2 to 3 times.

Wait one minute to allow the gas to dissipate, then light a long wooden match or grill lighter and hold it next to the burner.

Turn on the burner control knob to release the gas. The grill will ignite instantly when the gas reaches the match or lighter flame.

Things You Will Need

  • Jenn-Air Grill
  • Propane tank or natural gas line connected to grill
  • Wooden grill matches or lighter


  • If the grill still fails to light after following all steps, shut off the gas valve and troubleshoot the grill.

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