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How to Replace a Charmglow Grill Burner

James Clark

Charmglow gas grills use a liquid-propane tank for fuel to fire up a burner inside the appliance. Over time, the gas burner can become brittle, start to chip and may eventually disintegrate after repeated heating and cooling of the metal. Replacement burners are available at grilling shops, hardware stores and through numerous online outlets. Get the model number off the back of your grill so you can purchase the correct replacement burner for installation.

  1. Close the gas valve on the grill tank, turning the knob on top clockwise.

  2. Raise the lid of the Charmbroil and remove the cooking grates and lava rocks or ceramic briquettes while wearing work gloves to keep your hands clean and protect against sharp surfaces.

  3. Unscrew the lock nut on the underside of the grill where it holds the burner assembly in place.

  4. Pull the old burner up and toward the front of the grill to remove it from the appliance.

  5. Insert the two tubes on the bottom of the new burner into the two holes on the inside bottom of the grill. Turn the burner toward the back of the grill to angle the tubes down into the holes so that the threaded bolt on the bottom of the burner enters the smaller middle hole between the two holes for the tubes.

  6. Insert the open end of each tube over the nozzles on the back of the grill's control panel.

  7. Twist the locking nut onto the threaded bolt under the grill and tighten with pliers to hold the burner in place.

  8. Replace the lava rocks or briquettes in a single layer inside the grill and place the cooking grates on top.