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How to Adjust Rollers on a Sub-Zero Refrigerator

Kenneth Crawford

Sub-Zero manufactures refrigerators, undercounter units and wine coolers. The Sub-Zero refrigerator usually comes in stainless-steel or a customizable exterior, allowing the homeowner to match the cabinetry around the unit. The Sub-Zero refrigerator levels a bit differently than a standard refrigerator. The rollers in the back of the unit move independently, allowing for leveling. Adjusting the rollers on a Sub-Zero refrigerator still involves removing the lower grill from the unit, just as you would a standard unit.

  1. Grab the lower grill at each end with your hands. Pull the grill straight out and remove it from the Sub-Zero refrigerator. Remove the two screws securing the kick plate to the bottom of the refrigerator with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Pull the kick plate away from the refrigerator.

  2. Place a 4-foot level across the top of the refrigerator from front to back. Turn the adjustment screws on each side of the refrigerator clockwise with a nut driver to raise the rear rollers or counterclockwise to lower the rollers. Adjust the rollers until the refrigerator is level.

  3. Position the kick plate over the bottom of the refrigerator and secure with the two retaining screws. Line up the tabs on the back of the grill with the holes at each end of the kick plate. Push the grill in until the tabs lock into place.