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How to Uninstall an Ewave Microwave

Chad Buleen

The Magic Chef Ewave microwave is installed under a kitchen cabinet and over the range. To install the microwave, you must measure where to drill holes in the wall and the bottom of the cabinet in order to install the wall mount and insert the screws into the top of the microwave. Luckily, uninstalling the microwave is much easier and only takes a few minutes.

Uninstall an Ewave Microwave
  1. Open the kitchen cabinet above the microwave and remove the microwave plug from the outlet.

  2. Ask someone to hold the bottom of the microwave.

  3. Turn the screwdriver counterclockwise to disconnect the screws from the top of the microwave oven. Pull the screws upward and out once they are no longer attached to the microwave.

  4. Ask the person holding the front of the microwave to tilt it forward slightly.

  5. Press upward firmly on the back of the microwave to remove the appliance's back panel from the tabs at the bottom of the wall mount. Place the microwave to the side. It is now uninstalled.