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How to Release a Whirlpool Microwave From a Mounting Plate

When a microwave is installed under a kitchen cabinet, a mounting plate is used to secure it to the wall. Many people just take the bolts out from the top of the microwave and don't understand why the microwave still won't come down. You do need to take the bolts out that hold the microwave to the counter above but you will also need to release the microwave from the mounting plate on the wall to get it down.

Mount a microwave oven under a counter to save space
  1. Open the counter above the microwave oven and find the bolts that hold it to the counter. Have a friend hold the microwave up so that it doesn't fall down when you take out the bolts.

  2. Unscrew the two screws on the front grill and remove it. In some models there will be levers that you can pull up to take off the grill.

  3. Look inside and find the levers on the right and left sides. Turn these levers to unhook the microwave from the mounting plate. In older models there will be two long screws that look like small metal rods with slots cut in the ends. Unscrew these with the standard screwdriver.

  4. Lift the microwave oven up and off the hinges. Let your friend help you as the microwave is pretty heavy and will probably be in an awkward position for your back. Take the microwave down and set it on the counter.