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How to Remove a Thermador MBBS from a SMW272

Zyon Silket

When installed, your Thermador oven was installed in three separate pieces. The Thermador MBBS is a microwave oven installed into an opening in the wall. A warming drawer mounts under the microwave and the Thermador SMW272, which is the oven, mounts under the warming drawer. These three units provide just about every cooling solution the average homeowner needs. If the MMBS requires maintenance, you can remove the unit from the wall without removing the warming drawer of the SMW272

Step 1

Pull the warming drawer out and locate the release tabs on the metal track mounted to each side of the drawer. Push in on the release tabs and pull the drawer off the metal tracks.

Step 2

Locate the screws that secure the microwave to the warming drawer by inspecting the inside top of the warming drawer. Remove the screws with a screwdriver. This releases the bottom of the microwave from the warming drawer.

Step 3

Open the door for the cabinet above the microwave and locate the screws that secure the microwave to the underside of the cabinet. Remove the screws that secure the microwave to the cabinet.

Step 4

Lift the microwave off the warming drawer and slide it outward toward you. As you pull the microwave out of the recess in the wall, unplug the microwave from the electrical outlet located inside the recess.