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How to Remove an Amana Refrigerator Freezer Drawer

James Clark

Amana manufactures side-by-side refrigerators with the freezer on the left, as well as refrigerators with freezer access at the bottom of the appliance. Both styles include freezer drawers for organizing frozen foods. The drawers pull out quickly for removal and cleaning. No special tools are required.

Step 1

Open the freezer door, either on the left of the appliance or at the bottom, depending on your Amana model.

Step 2

Pull a drawer forward as far as it will extend.

Step 3

Lift the drawer at an angle back toward the freezer to disengage the drawer from the slide tracks and pull it off to remove it from the Amana refrigerator.

Step 4

Pull the baskets in an Amana refrigerator bottom freezer forward and lift straight out.

Step 5

Reinsert the drawer by tilting the top back edge down and into the track guides, then lower the drawer until it is horizontal and push straight back.