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How to Turn Off the Turntable in an Emerson Microwave

James Clark

Emerson manufactures a line of microwave ovens for home use, each equipped with a variety of features. Some models have a glass platter that rotates via a turntable inside the oven. The platter turns slowly while the oven is in operation to help cook food evenly. Models equipped with a shut-off feature let you stop turntable rotation with the push of a button. If your Emerson does not have a shut-off feature, there are other ways to get around the rotating turntable.

  1. Press "Stop" to halt microwave operation.

  2. Press the "Turntable" button once to turn off rotation.

  3. Push the door-release button to open the microwave oven if you do not have a "Turntable" button on your control keypad.

  4. Lift and remove the glass platter from the oven, then pick up the plastic track with three wheels below the platter. Set aside these parts.

  5. Insert the elevated microwave cooking tray into the oven. The tray has three to four short legs that hold it above the bottom of the microwave, keeping it from interfering with the rotating bolt in the bottom center of the oven the drives the turntable. You can now place food on the elevated tray and cook normally without disrupting the drive bolt.