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How to Remove the Top Grill on a Spacemaker Microwave Oven

Kenneth Coppens

The Spacemaker microwave is just one of many models made by GE. One notable feature of the Spacemaker is the vent fan which blows fumes through a filter and out of a grill on the top front portion of the microwave. It's important to replace the filter after extended regular use to ensure adequate air filtration efficiency. You must remove the grill from the top of the microwave in order to gain access to the filter.

  1. Move the Spacemaker microwave to a counter top or table so you have easy access to the top of the appliance. Alternatively, stand on a chair in front of the microwave so you can see the top of it.

  2. Locate the two screws on the top of the microwave that hold the grill in place. There is one screw in the front left corner and another in the front right corner.

  3. Remove the screws with a screwdriver and set them aside in a small container.

  4. Pull the grill away from the microwave.

  5. Reverse process to put the grill back in place.