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How to Remove the Grill of a Bose 901 Speaker

Nichole Liandi

The Bose 901 series of speakers has been the flagship of Bose's speaker lineup for decades. Despite minor changes in the electronics and cosmetics of the system, the speakers have remained largely unchanged. Older systems may eventually need rehabilitation to repair worn speaker surrounds, or to fix damaged or torn speaker grill cloth. The first step in approaching these tasks is to remove the existing speaker grills.

Remove the Grill of a Bose 901 Speaker
  1. Place the tip of a small flat-bladed screwdriver under the edge of a staple at the upper right side of the front speaker grill. The staple may initially be hard to see, so look carefully.

  2. Tap on the back of the screwdriver handle to push the tip of the screwdriver underneath the staple. Continue until the staple is raised about 1/8-inch from the grill fabric.

  3. Grasp the staple with a set of needle-nose pliers and pull it out. Continue pulling out staples this way. There are three on each side of the speaker grill --- six in all.

  4. Insert the tip of your screwdriver behind the edge of the grill covering on the back of the speaker. Pry out until you can grasp the fabric with your fingers. Pull firmly on the fabric to separate the grill from the speaker. It's only held on with light glue, so it will pull away when you apply steady pressure.