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How to Refinish Grill Grates

Edwin Thomas

Gas and charcoal barbecue grills are a fixture in many backyards and often that is where grills remain year-round. Even with a cover, the combination of regular use and humidity often causes the grill to rust and develop other problems.

A well-maintained grill adds to backyard fun.

Rusty grills not only are unsightly, but using them as a cooking surface might even pose health risks. However, there is no need to discard a battered old grill when it can be refinished instead.

  1. Scrub encrusted bits of food off the grill with soap, hot water, a metal scraper and a wire grill brush.

  2. Tap around the grill's surface with a hammer to ensure that the metalwork is still sound. Be gentle because using too much force might inflict damage. If the grill is crumbling, it will need to be replaced rather than refinished.

  3. Scrub any rusty spots with a pad of steel wool until the rust is removed. For particularly stubborn patches of rust, you might need to apply a rust removal agent as well.

  4. Lay out newspapers or cardboard and set the grill grate on them. Coat the top of the grill with heat-resistant stove and grill spray paint. Allow the top coat several hours to dry, then apply another.

  5. Flip the grill over and apply two coats of high-resistant stove and grill spray paint to the other side.