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How to Anchor Down an Outdoor Grill

Scott Damon

When it comes to working around a grill, you want to make sure that it is securely in place. A grill that might suddenly roll or slide can be dangerous to everyone around. Anchoring an outdoor grill is fairly simply and can usually done by using just a few items you probably already have around the house.

Anchor down your outdoor grill so that you may cook on it safely.
  1. Tie the grill to the deck or patio. Using nylon rope that has been approved to hold at least 100 lbs., tie the grill legs and cross bars to pieces of the deck frame. Many grills are set next to wood railings which have posts.

  2. Place sand bags on the cross bars of the grill. Sand bags are a great way to secure the grill by adding weight on top of the frame. The excess weight will help stop the grill from rolling or sliding if extreme wind kicks up.

  3. Wedge the wheels of the grill. Using small wedge blocks, wedge each of the wheels around the grill to secure it in place.