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How to Level an Amana Refrigerator

Cleveland Van Cecil

Installing an Amana refrigerator properly is important. If the unit is leaning too far forward or back, you may have cooling problems. Also, water that is dripping on the inside of the unit will not drain properly from the refrigerator, causing pooling in the bottom of the fridge and leaks. Amana refrigerators have feet on the bottom of the unit, which can be adjusted in the front to create the right kind of angle for proper functionality.

Amana refrigerators need to be level to perform properly.
  1. Pull on the toe grille down at the bottom of the machine to release it from the clips.

  2. Remove the bottom bracket covers by inserting a pencil into the cover notch. Press down and then pull on the cover to remove it.

  3. Place a spirit level on top of the fridge.

  4. Insert a hex screwdriver into the foot screw holes, which are the holes closest to the sides of the fridge. Raise or lower the feet until the spirit bubble on the level is 1/4-inch or a 1/2-bubble higher than the back of the fridge.