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How to Remove the Front Cover on a Maytag Atlantis

Andrew Todd

The Maytag Atlantis is a top-loading washing machine, intended for home use. The Atlantis has seven selectable wash cycles for washing anything from cottons to delicate items, and it has seven water temperature combinations. The washer has many internal components that allow the machine to efficiently wash and rinse your clothes. The components include a motor, a drain pump, a water inlet valve and a wash tub. If any of these elements requires service, you must remove the front panel of your Atlantis washer to access them.

  1. Insert a putty knife between the front and top panels, on the left and right sides, to release the spring clips.

  2. Lift the top panel up and rotate it over the washer.

  3. Remove the two 5/16-inch screws on the inside of the front panel.

  4. Tilt the front panel toward you and lift it up and off the machine.