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How to Remove Spray Foam From Paint

Ryan Lawrence

Because spray foam insulation expands to hundreds of times its original size after application, it often overlaps and sticks onto adjacent painted surfaces where it doesn't belong. Even professionals have a difficult time keeping spray foam contained during the application process, and often the removal process can damage underlying paint. If you need to remove spray foam from paint, consider a technique that will give you the best chance at removing the unwanted foam without damaging the very surface you are trying to save.

  1. Put on gloves to protect your hands.

  2. Use the razor blade to trim away as much of the spray foam as possible.

  3. Dampen a rag with mineral spirits.

  4. Rub away the spray foam using the damp rag. Rub in a circular, counterclockwise motion.

  5. Dry the mineral spirits using a clean, dry rag immediately after you've removed the spray foam.