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How to Remove a Burner Tube In a Weber Gas Grill

James Clark

Weber gas grills contain one or more burners connected by tubes to the control panel that regulates the gas flow. Known as venturi tubes, these parts connect to the underside of the burner. At the other end, the tubes fit over the gas valves on the rear of the control panel. Each valve is connected to a burner control knob on the front panel. If a tube becomes rusted, bent or cracked, it must be replaced so you can operate the grill safely. Working carefully, you may be able to replace the tube without replacing the entire burner assembly.

Step 1

Shut off the gas to the grill, and turn all control knobs to the "Off/Locked" position. Wait for the Weber grill to cool if it has been in use.

Step 2

Raise the Weber's lid to removed the cooking grate and lava rocks or briquettes underneath. Lift the grate over the burner as well, and set aside these parts for reuse.

Step 3

Remove the nut on the underside of the Weber grill that holds the burner securely in position, using the adjustable wrench. If the nut does not twist easily, spray it with lubricant and wait five minutes, then use the wrench.

Step 4

Lift the burner from inside the grill at an angle, pulling the back edge upward and forward. This pulls the burner tubes underneath the Weber off the gas valves so the entire assembly can be removed from the lower half of the grill. Continue turning the burner at an angle toward you to pull the tubes out of the two holes in the bottom of the grill.

Step 5

Place the burner upside down on a flat surface so the L-shaped tubes are pointing upward.

Step 6

Twist the tube you wish to remove one-half turn counterclockwise where it attaches to the underside of the burner. This unlocks the tube for removal. Insert a new tube into the hole in the burner in the same orientation and rotate it clockwise to lock it onto the burner.