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How to Remove the Top of a Magic Chef Gas Range

Kenneth Crawford

Making repairs to the ignitors or burner orifices on the Magic Chef gas range requires removal of the top section. It is possible to simply raise the top; however, the Magic Chef does not have a prop bar to hold the top in the upright position. If you own a Magic Chef model with sealed burners, removing the top requires some hardware removal. This is because the top attaches to the burner pan below.

Step 1

Open the broiler drawer on the Magic Chef gas range and remove the broiler insert. Pull the metal clip in the center of drawer up as far as possible. Pull the broiler drawer completely out of the unit while holding the clip in the raised position.

Step 2

Reach under the range in the broiler cavity and unplug the range power cord. Turn the gas valve to the "Off" position. The gas valve is on the right rear of the range. The valve handle should be perpendicular to the gas line when it is in the "Off" position.

Step 3

Lift the grates and the burner caps off the Magic Chef gas range top. The caps are the solid pieces that fit directly over the burner heads.

Step 4

Rotate the burner heads one-quarter turn counterclockwise with your hand. If the burner heads will not turn by hand, use a strap wrench to turn the head. A strap wrench is a handle with a rubber strap that resembles an oil filter wrench.

Step 5

Remove the two screws on the side of the burner orifice opening securing the top to the burner pan with a nut driver. The burner pan rests below the top panel and catches most spills that seep between the burner heads and top.

Step 6

Grab the front of the top panel at each corner. Lift the front of the top panel up and raise it 6 inches. Shift the rear of the top panel to the right to unhook it from the rear of the range. Lift the entire top panel off the Magic Chef range.