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How to Find the Model on a Viking Range

Mary Lougee

Finding the model number on appliances may take a few minutes of time but it ensures that the order or purchase is correct for that particular appliance. Viking produces ranges in both gas and electric styles that are either direct vent or downdraft models. Downdraft models draw the air, odors and steam from the cooktop out through a back vent that goes downward and outside. Traditional ranges vent up through the ceiling to draw odors, steam and air up and to the outside. Model numbers are in four different places on Viking gas and electric ranges.

Viking Gas and Electric Ranges

Gas and electric ranges are generally reliable for several years before needing parts or repairs.
  1. Open the range by placing one hand on each side and pulling upward. Lift the holding rod up from the front of the range frame toward the left to stand it up. Place the range top on the holding rod. Look on the framework at the front for the model and serial number.

  2. Open the oven door and look on the right side doorjamb. The model number plate may be in the middle, at the top or on the bottom of the doorjamb. Turn your head to the right to read the model number.

  3. Open the bottom storage drawer on the range or the broiler if the range includes a bottom broiler. Look on the framework of the range where the drawer closes against the frame. The model and serial number plate may be in the center or the left or right corner.

  4. Lean forward and look inside the middle of the vent duct on a range with a downdraft. The vent duct on a downdraft model is a horizontal metal box that runs the width of the range behind the back burners. You may locate the model number inside the vent in the middle.

Viking Electric Ranges

  1. Lift all four of the surface burners out of the range if the cooktop does not lift up from the range. Some models have a one-piece cooktop and the top is not removable.

  2. Remove the surface burners by pulling them out of the sockets with medium force. Pull at the same angle as the sockets in the opposite direction so that they pull outward toward the sides of the cooktop.

  3. Lift each burner pan out and look in the middle of the frame underneath for the model number. The serial number plate will be directly underneath one of the four burner openings in the cooktop.