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How to Replace a Hotpoint Burner

Andrew Todd

Hotpoint is an appliance company owned by General Electric. The company manufactures many types of home appliances, including refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves and ranges. Hotpoint ranges are available in both smooth-top and metal coil models. Both types of ranges have burners on which pots and pans are placed while cooking; however, the method of replacing the two types of burners is different. If the burner on your Hotpoint range is no longer working, you can replace it yourself, saving the money that would have been spent on a repair technician.

Metal Coil Burner

  1. Allow the burner to completely cool prior to servicing.

  2. Lift up the metal burner approximately 1 inch, lifting on the opposite side from the burner plug.

  3. Pull the burner straight out of the burner plug.

  4. Align the terminals on the end of the new burner with the burner plug.

  5. Push the terminals into the burner plug, and then lower the burner into position.

Smooth-top Burner

  1. Unplug the range from the wall. If the plug is not accessible, turn off the breaker in your service box.

  2. Open the oven door, and then remove the screws in the front of the underside of the cook top.

  3. Close the oven door, and then lift the main top. Support the main top, using a sturdy stick to prop it up, or have an assistant hold the top off the range.

  4. Remove the screws from the brackets that secure the burner you would like to replace, and then unclip the brackets.

  5. Remove the burner.

  6. Install the new burner, and secure it with the brackets.

  7. Secure the brackets, using the screws you removed in Step 4.

  8. Remove the wire connectors from the old burner, and then plug them into the terminals on the new burner.

  9. Remove the support, and then lower the main top.

  10. Open the oven door, and then reinstall the screws to support the main top.

  11. Restore power to the range.