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Maytag Glass Top Stove Burner Element Replacement Instructions

Andrew Todd

The burners on your Maytag glass-top stove are located below the glass-top surface. If a burner malfunctions, it will heat to the incorrect temperature, or may fail to heat altogether. In this instance, you must remove the burner and install a new one. New burners for your Maytag stove are available from one of the many appliance parts websites, and installing the burner yourself, rather than hiring a technician, can save you a great deal of money.

  1. Turn off the range's circuit breaker in your service panel.

  2. Open the oven door and remove the screws that secure the glass top to the range. The screws are located on the underside of the top.

  3. Lift the glass top up off the range and secure it in place with a sturdy object, or have a partner hold it up for you.

  4. Remove the mounting screws from the burner you are replacing, and then remove the burner.

  5. Take note of which wires are connected to which terminals. Unplug the wires from the terminals on the burner, and then discard the burner.

  6. Connect the wires to the terminals on the new burner, making sure you connect the correct wires to the correct terminals.

  7. Align the new burner against the bottom of the glass top and secure it in place, using the mounting screws.

  8. Lower the glass top and secure it to the range, using the screws you removed in Step 2.

  9. Turn the range breaker back on in your service panel.