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Can I Replace the Glass Top on a Whirlpool Range?

Andrew Todd

Whirlpool electric ranges are available with elements, or metal coil burners, visible under the glass stovetop. The glass surface that covers the elements creates a sleeker appearance and provides a smooth work surface that's easy to clean. However, if you drop a heavy item on the glass or drag the wrong material across it, the surface could become scratched or cracked, or it could break altogether.

Glass Top Replacement Options

If the glass surface is damaged, you'll have to replace it prior to resuming use of the range. The surface is designed for easy removal using nothing more than a screwdriver. Although you can hire a service technician to remove the old glass top surface and install a new one, replacing the surface yourself saves you both time and money.

Ordering the Glass Top

There are many appliance parts websites that sell glass stovetop panels designed for use on Whirlpool ranges; among them are Repair Clinic, Part Select and Sears Parts Direct. Before ordering the new panel, identify the model number of your Whirlpool range to ensure that you order the correct panel. The model number is located on a sticker that also contains the serial number. The sticker is often located on the oven door jamb or on the rear or side cabinet of the range.

Removing the Old Glass Stovetop

Before removing the glass stovetop, you must unplug the range from the wall outlet. Then open the oven door and remove the screws that are located under the front lip of the glass stovetop that secure the panel to the range cabinet. Lift the glass top up, then have a partner hold it in an elevated position while you remove the screws securing the burner brackets to the underside of the glass. Once you've removed the burners, lift the glass up and off the range.

Installing the New Glass

Slide the tabs on the rear of the new glass stovetop into the slots on the control housing, then have a partner hold the new glass panel up. Next, reinstall the burners by aligning the burner brackets with the underside of the panel and reinstalling the screws. Finish the repair by lowering the glass panel and securing it to the cabinet using the screws that you removed earlier.