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How to Remove Stains on Frosted Glass

April Dowling

Frosted glass provides homes with privacy while letting in natural sunlight. Doors and windows commonly contain frosted glass to inhibit peeping and lower energy costs. Other glass objects, such as glassware and mirrors, are frosted with patterns and designs for ornamental purposes. Since the texture of frosted glass is rougher than clear glass, it is more susceptible to stains, smears and smudges. Remove blemishes on frosted glass with basic solutions to preserve the appearance of the glass.

Acid etching provides frosted patterns on glass objects.
  1. Wipe the glass gently with a feather duster to remove all loose dust particles. Remove all crumbs and debris to prevent them from scratching the glass surface.

  2. Spray ammonia-based glass cleaner over the glass surface. Follow the directions on the manufacturer's label.

  3. Wipe the glass surface gently with a microfiber cloth. Buff the glass in circular motions to remove smudges and smears.

  4. Spray the other side of the glass surface with glass cleaner. Wipe the glass with a clean microfiber cloth to remove any surface contaminates.

  5. Buff both sides of the glass with a terry cloth to add shine.