How to Remove Hard Water Haze, Spotting, and Soap Haze From Glass and Glassware

Ashley Kurz

Shiny, crystal-clear glasses make a great impression on guests and give you confidence in the cleanliness of your dishes. Unfortunately, your dishwasher and hard water can leave your glassware looking dull and spotty.

Keep your glassware flawless with proper care.

Remove hard water haze, spotting, and soap haze from glass and glassware to restore them to their previous shine. Once you have cleaned your glassware properly, you can prevent it from becoming dull again with preventative measures.

  1. Dip a soft plastic scouring pad into white distilled vinegar.

  2. Scrub the spots and haze with the scouring pad in soft circles until the haze and spots are gone.

  3. Inspect your glassware for remaining haze and spots. If spots and haze remain, fill a dishpan with warm water.

  4. Add 3 or 4 drops of dish soap and 2 or 3 drops of ammonia to the water. Soak the glassware in the solution until the water cools.

  5. Rinse the glassware with clean water, and buff it dry with a clean towel.

  6. Tip

    Avoid washing your glassware in the dishwasher. Glass that cannot be washed in a sink can be cleaned with a mixture of 2 tablespoons of vinegar and 4 cups of warm water. Wipe the spots away with paper towels.