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How to Remove Bubble Gum From Glasses

Robin Hewitt

It’s an inevitable disaster: if you have a child (or adult) who wears glasses and chews bubble gum, sooner or later you’ll be faced with a sticky gum-coated pair of eyeglasses. Before you reach for chemical cleaners or call the optometrist, try this quick trick to remove bubble gum from glasses.

Within minutes, the bubblegum will be history, and your gum chewer will be back on her way to blowing a world record bubble.

  1. Place the pair of glasses into the freezer; leave for ten minutes.

  2. Scrape the bubble gum off the lenses and frames of the glasses, using a fingernail or the edge of a spatula and taking care not to scratch the lenses. The bubble gum will pop off easily; if the gum begins to soften repeat the freezing process.

  3. Clean the seam where the lens fits into the frame, using a toothpick to pop the frozen gum from the surface.

  4. Wash and dry your glasses as usual. They are now ready to wear.