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How to Remove a Glass Stuck Inside a Metal Container

Jeffrey Brian Airman

When you have a glass stuck in a metal container, changing the temperature of glass and the metal can quickly separate the two materials. Heat causes metal molecules to relax and expand, while cold causes glass to both contract and perspire. The small amount of moisture on the outside of the glass will act as a lubricant. By controlling the temperature of the two materials, you will be able to change there size just enough to take them apart. Wearing gloves will protect you from injury if the glass breaks.

  1. Place the metal container in a sink and insert the drain plug.

  2. Fill the sink with hot water until the level is almost to the top of the metal container.

  3. Fill the glass with crushed ice and wait two minutes for the glass and the metal to reach temperature.

  4. Cover your hand with a thick leather glove and stick two or three fingers into the glass of crushed ice. The ice will be displaced, but it has already done its job.

  5. Turn the warm metal container upside down over a trash can and wiggle the gloved fingers, moving the glass until it is loose enough to slide out.