How to Clean Bulletproof Glass

Bulletproof glass is actually made from polycarbonate plastic. It cannot be cleaned in the same manner that you clean glass windows. Window-cleaning fluids are ammonia-based and will damage the material. Paper towels may scratch the surface. The best way to clean everyday dirt and dust from bulletproof glass is with a mild soap solution and a soft chamois.

  1. Dust your bulletproof glass with a damp chamois.

  2. Clean everyday dirt and grime with a mild soap solution. Add two teaspoons of mild soap or detergent (do not use any type of scented soap or detergent) to one quart of room-temperature water. Dip the chamois into the water and wash the glass with the soaking chamois. Rinse the glass completely clean. Blot the bulletproof glass dry with a dry chamois.

  3. Clean grease and oil stains with a clean chamois dipped in kerosene (you may also use hexans or aliphatic naphtha).

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