How to Clean Marble Shower Tile

A bathroom with marble shower tile is elegant and is easy to care for with regular maintenance. A few minutes every week is all you need to clean your marble shower tile and keep it looking like new. Marble shower tile that is regularly cleaned will have a far longer useful life than tile that is not regularly cleaned.

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  1. Mix 1 to 2 ounces of stone cleaner with 2 gallons of warm water. Fill the second bucket with clean, warm water.
  2. Apply cleaning solution with a soft sponge or soft natural bristle brush. Use a vigorous motion to clean the marble tiles and pay extra attention to stained areas. Work in a small area at a time.
  3. Rinse cleaned area with a soft sponge dipped into clean warm water.
  4. Dry marble tiles with a soft, absorbent cloth.

Things You Will Need

  • Natural stone cleaner 2 plastic buckets 2 soft sponges Soft, natural bristle brush Dry, soft cloths


  • Keep a small squeegee in the bathroom and wipe marble tiles after each shower. This will reduce the build up of soap scum and make your weekly cleanings easier. A slightly stronger cleaning solution may get out stubborn stains. Apply with sponge and allow to remain on marble shower tile for about five minutes, then rinse well and dry thoroughly.


  • Do not use squeegees or other tools containing metal parts that may come in contact with the marble tiles---metal parts will scratch the marble. Call a professional to remove rust stains or water spots. Removal of both of these types of stains require resurfacing of the marble tiles.

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