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Instructions for a Hampton Bay 48-TP Light Bulb

Johnathan Cronk

Hampton Bay fans come in many different styles. The 48-TP is a 48-inch Tripoli fan. The fan is both stylish and functional, providing air circulation and lighting for your room. The light bulbs are encased in a glass covering.

Removing the glass cover to access the light bulbs is tricky but necessary to replace burned-out bulbs.

  1. Turn the fan off and allow two minutes for the bulbs to cool.

  2. Hold the fan arms with one hand. Place your other hand on the glass part of the light bulb cover. Twist the glass cover one-quarter turn clockwise. This will unlock the glass from the fan. Slowly lower the glass cover and place on a safe surface. You now have access to the light bulbs.

  3. Turn the light bulb that needs to be replaced counterclockwise until it can be removed. Discard the bulb. Screw the replacement bulb into the socket by turning it clockwise.

  4. Position the glass bulb cover on the fan. Turn it one-quarter turn counterclockwise to lock it into place.