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How to Fix a High-Pitched Noise in a GE Oven

Meredith Jameson

Generally speaking, most ovens don’t make much noise, including GE ovens. If the oven is making a high-pitched noise when in operation, something is not working correctly. To fix the problem, investigate the source and reason for the noise, thereby determining if you can solve the problem yourself or if you will require professional service.

Step 1

Disconnect power to the oven, and disconnect the fluorescent lamp starter, which is located on the top of the oven control panel to the left of the center.

Step 2

Reconnect power and start heating the oven. If the oven no longer makes the high-pitched noise, contact GE for a replacement fluorescent lamp starter.

Step 3

Allow the oven to cool and look inside at the fan, which circulates the heat and air through the oven. The fan is located on the side or on the bottom of the oven. If the fan is visibly obstructed, missing any parts, obviously broken or extremely dirty, contact GE for assistance. A service repair technician can clean, replace or repair the fan.