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How to Replace the Light Bulb Cover in a GE Range Hood Vent

Thomas West

A broken or missing light bulb cover in your GE range hood may be unsightly and allow cooking vapors to coat the light bulb and the bulb housing, possibly affecting light performance. A range hood vent expels steam and smoke from cooking through a charcoal filter and to the outside via ductwork. A work light built in the underside of the hood provides handy illumination to your cook top.

Step 1

Push up on each side of the plastic light cover with your fingers to force the tabs in the sides of the cover out of the slots in the light housing.

Step 2

Grasp the front edge of the cover and pull it straight out of the bottom of the range hood.

Step 3

Slide the rear tab in a replacement cover into the slot at the rear of the light housing.

Step 4

Press up on the center of the cover to bend it slightly, and then push the tabs in the sides of the cover into the slots in the sides of the light housing.

Step 5

Let go of the cover to lock it into place.