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How to Change the Batteries in a Mini-Mag Lite

Gareth Downes-Powell

Maglite flashlights are manufactured in the United States by Mag Instruments and are commonly used by police officers and security personnel. Mini Maglites are smaller versions of Maglite flashlights, and they are available with bulbs or LEDs and require either two AA or AAA batteries, depending on the model. If the flashlight becomes dim, replace the batteries with a fresh set to restore the brightness to its normal level.

Ensure the batteries are inserted into the Mini Maglite the correct way.
  1. Unscrew the tail cap from the Mini Maglite flashlight by turning it in a counterclockwise direction.

  2. Tilt the Mini Maglite until the batteries slide out. Properly dispose of the new batteries.

  3. Check that the battery contacts on the tail cap and light end of the Mini Maglite are clean and free of corrosion. Remove any dirt or corrosion found using a pencil eraser or fibreglass pencil.

  4. Slide in the new batteries, ensuring the positive end of the batteries point toward the light end of the Mini Maglite and the negative ends point to the tail cap.

  5. Screw on the tail cap, turning it in a clockwise direction until tight.