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How to Change the Fridge Light in the LEC R404W

Kenneth Crawford

LEC is a United Kingdom-based manufacturer of a variety of refrigeration appliances. The LEC R404W is a refrigerator manufactured under the Elan nameplate. Like most refrigerators, the LEC R404W has an interior light that illuminates when you open the door so you can see inside the refrigerator. Changing the fridge light in the LEC R404W requires a 15W appliance bulb, which is available at home improvement centers. The most difficult part of the replacement process is removing the cover to access the bulb.

  1. Unplug your LEC R404W refrigerator's power cord. Open the refrigerator door and move the contents off the top shelf to give you clear access to the bulb cover and the bulb.

  2. Grasp the cover with your fingers and push the arrow on the front side of the cover with your thumbs. Slide the cover in the direction of the arrow until it comes off.

  3. Turn the old bulb counterclockwise with your fingers to remove it from the socket. Thread a new 15W bulb into the socket clockwise until it is hand-tight.

  4. Slide the cover tabs into the slots at the front of the bulb housing opening. Press the center of the cover to "pop" the rear housing in place with your thumbs. Plug the power cord back into the wall outlet.