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How to Reset a DuPont Angel Eye Smoke Detector

Todd Bowerman

The DuPont Self-Charging Smoke Alarm with AngelEye technology (model PS-131) works a bit differently from the smoke detectors with which you may be familiar. This specific device locks into one of your open light sockets and uses the energy from your home to stay charged. You can then plug a light bulb into the open socket on the bottom of the smoke detector, allowing you to keep your home safe without losing valuable light. If you need to reset your DuPont Self-Charging Smoke Alarm, the process is relatively simple compared to other smoke detectors.

Step 1

Check the DuPont AngelEye detector to ensure it is securely fastened into your light socket.

Step 2

Turn on the light switch that corresponds to the light socket in which the DuPont AngelEye is secured.

Step 3

Turn off the light switch.

Step 4

Flip the switch on a second time and turn it off again. The smoke detector is now reset.