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How to Remove the Cover Over the Light in My Amana Electric Oven

Andrew Todd

Amana, which is a subsidiary of Whirlpool, manufactures many different home appliances, such as refrigerators, dishwashers, in-wall ovens and ranges. Amana in-wall ovens and ranges include a light on the interior of the oven cavity that illuminates whenever the door is opened. The light also can be turned on while the door is closed by using a button on the in-wall oven or range's control panel. When the light burns out, the protective light cover must be removed before removing the light bulb. The cover is securely connected to the oven cavity wall and is designed to protect the light bulb from the heat produced by the oven.

  1. Ensure that the oven cavity is completely cool, then disconnect power to the in-wall oven or range.

  2. Locate the light cover, which is located on the right side of the oven cavity's rear wall.

  3. Grasp the light cover by its edges, then turn the cover counterclockwise until it is released from the wall.

  4. Take the light cover out of the oven cavity and set it aside while you replace the bulb.