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How to Broil on a GE Spectra Oven

Andrew Todd

All GE Spectra ovens include a cooking feature called "Broil." When food is broiled, it is exposed to a greater amount of heat for a shorter cook time than with baking or roasting. Broiling food is similar to grilling food, and is often used to cook thin cuts of steak and vegetables. Because food that is broiled can quickly turn from done to burned, you should constantly monitor your food while it is broiling.

  1. Close the oven door, then press the "Broil" button, located on the oven's keypad. By default, the broiler begins on the "High" setting. Alternatively, turn the temperature dial to "Broil." If your oven has a temperature knob rather than a keypad, there is only one broil setting.

  2. Press the "Broil" button once again to switch to the "Low" setting of the broiler, which sets the broiler to a lower temperature.

  3. Open the oven door and allow it to remain open at the "Broiler Stop" position, which leaves the door approximately 10 inches open.

  4. Press the "Start/On" button to turn on the broiler. Allow the broiler to preheat for approximately five minutes prior to cooking.

  5. Press the "Start/On" button once again to turn off the broiler when you are finished.