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How to Install a Westinghouse Ceiling Fan

Kevin McDermott

Ceiling fans are relatively easy to install in place of any existing ceiling light or other electrical fixture. Most fan kits come with mounting brackets that are designed to screw onto a standard ceiling electrical box, and the fan then connects to the bracket. You control the power from the same wall switch that controlled the previous fixture.

  1. Cut the electricity to the existing ceiling fixture at the fuse box. Remove the old fixture by unscrewing the screws holding it to the ceiling electrical box. Disconnect the wires between the fixture and the electrical box so the wires from the box are freely hanging.

  2. Attach the mounting bracket from the fan kit to the electrical box using the provided screws. The holes in the bracket should line up with the standard holes in the electrical box.

  3. Assemble your Westinghouse fan, minus the blades. Walk it up the ladder, setting it on the top. Use wire caps to connect the black wire from the fan housing to the black wire coming out of the ceiling box. Connect the two white wires in the same fashion. Wrap electrical tape around the connections.

  4. Twist the bare grounding wire from the electrical box around the green screw in the fan unit and tighten it.

  5. Lift the fan unit up to the mounting bracket and secure it with the provided screws. Turn on the power at the fuse box to test the fan motor and make sure it's properly connected. If it is, turn the power back off and install the fan blades as directed, then turn the power on.

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