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How to Install a Ceiling Fan With a Saddle Box

Cameron Easey

A ceiling fan typically is installed using an existing fixture. If you need a more secure method to mount a ceiling fan, however, a ceiling fan saddle box can be used. The saddle box is shaped to fit over a ceiling joist to provide a secure connection for the ceiling fan mount. Installing a ceiling fan with a saddle box assures that the fan will not be in danger of falling.

A mounted ceiling fan
  1. Turn off the power to the room where you want to install the ceiling fan. Turn off the circuit for the room at the circuit panel.

  2. Locate the stud for a ceiling joist using the stud finder. Mark the location of the stud with the pencil.

  3. Place the ceiling fan saddle box so that it is centered on the pencil mark. Then draw an outline around it with the pencil.

  4. Cut around the outline with the drywall saw and then remove the cut pieces of drywall.

  5. Pull the electrical wiring for the fan through the hole and run it through the ceiling fan saddle box.

  6. Insert the saddle box onto the ceiling joist and secure it by tightening the mounting screws. Use a power drill or a screwdriver to tighten the mounting screw.

  7. Set the mounting bracket for the fan on the ceiling fan saddle box and attach it with the screws that are provided with the ceiling fan.

  8. Connect the green ground wire to the ground screw on the saddle box.

  9. Twist together the white neutral wires and twist on a wire cover. Repeat this step for the black hot wires.

  10. Set the fan assembly up to the mounting bracket and secure it with screws. Insert the screws into the holes on the mounting bracket and tighten them with the screwdriver.

  11. Turn on the power and then test the fan.

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