How to Install Encon Ceiling Fans

D.C. Winston

Encon ceiling fans, which are sold under the Westinghouse brand, provide classic modern-styled ceiling fans and lighting fixtures in flush-mount and pole-mount styles.

  1. Turn off the power supply to the fixture at the breaker box. If the room circuit cannot be isolated, flip the area circuit breaker. Remove the existing light fixture or fan and discard or recycle.

  2. Assemble ceiling fan attaching canopy, drop pole and blades in keeping with the manufacturer's instructions.

  3. Lift fan motor unit up to the junction box. Hook the mounting wire or wires over the metal mounting bar that straddles the diameter of the junction box. Tighten down the two screws to secure the mount.

  4. Connect the black wires to one another by linking the ends around one another, placing a plastic nut on the two ends and twisting to secure. Repeat this process with the green and white wires or as your manufacturer's instruction manual specifies.

  5. Slide the canopy cover up over the fan assembly. Turn the screws or nuts to tighten and secure flush with the unit or ceiling.

  6. Flip circuit breaker to turn power back on. Test the ceiling fan and optional lights for smooth operation.

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