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How to Remove the Bathroom Ceiling Exhaust Fan in a Mobile Home

Nathan McGinty

Ceiling fans in bathrooms vent out bathroom moisture and odors through ductwork and into the atmosphere. Removing a bathroom ceiling exhaust fan from a mobile home doesn't differ from removing an exhaust fan in a standard house, as mobile home wiring is set up similar to house wiring. As with starting with any type of electrical job, you should make sure that the electricity is switched off at the breaker before starting your project.

  1. Locate and turn off the breaker for the bathroom electricity. The breaker panel box is usually located on the inside wall adjacent to where the outdoor electrical mount connects the home to the local power supply. Move the switch to the "off" position for the bathroom. Place a piece of electrical tape over the switch while you are working so it isn't accidentally turned on.

  2. Grasp the grille cover for the unit and pull it toward you. Use a chair or stepladder, if needed.

  3. Remove the fan motor and blade unit from inside the unit. This may be fastened to the side of the unit by clips or screws.

  4. Unplug the fan unit from the wiring inside the fan. This could be plugged into the fan body or connected to the wiring with plastic sockets.

  5. Loosen the screws holding the fan housing in place.

  6. Pull the ceiling fan body out of the ceiling.