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How to Fix a Broken Blade on a Ryobi Reciprocating Saw

Kurt Erickson

As a tool used primarily for demolition work, reciprocating saw blades can often break or become twisted when they come in contact with hard surfaces. Rather than fixing broken blades, Ryobi recommends replacing them. Changing the blades is a quick job that requires no tools. Most Ryobi reciprocating saws come equipped with two blades. The saw also accepts many generic brands found at home improvement retailers and hardware stores.

  1. Unplug the saw from its electrical source. Lift the blade release lever located toward the front of the saw on the left side.

  2. Remove the broken blade from its housing in the front of the saw. Discard the old blade.

  3. Insert the new blade into the housing. The blade should be inserted tooth-side down. Lower the blade release lever to secure the new blade in place.

  4. Restore power to the unit.