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How to Read the Model Number on a Ryobi

Ashley Hay

Ryobi tools, sold exclusively at Home Depot, offer a wide variety of tools from flashlights to table saws. At some point, you may need to locate the model number of your Ryobi tool to register it, or to order a part. The model number will vary, depending on the tool itself, but Ryobi always places the model number in an easy to identify place on the tool.

  1. Locate the "Data Plate" on your Ryobi tool. The plate is black and contains information about the tool, including the model number and serial number.

  2. Locate the model number on the top left side of the data plate. The model number may vary in length depending on the Ryobi tool.

  3. Read the number and notice that it contains a combination of both letters and numbers. The letters and numbers vary depending on the make and model of the Ryobi tool.

  4. Locate the serial number on the bottom left side of the data plate.