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How to Replace the Evaporator Fan on a KitchenAid Refrigerator

Andrew Todd

The evaporator in a KitchenAid refrigerator is located behind the rear wall of the freezer. The evaporator's sole purpose is to vaporize, or evaporate, the refrigerator's coolant. The evaporation process allows heat to be absorbed through the inside walls of the refrigerator, making the inside cold. The fan also helps to circulate air around the coils of the refrigerator, allowing the coils to remain a consistent temperature. If the evaporator fan breaks or malfunctions, it must be removed and a new fan must be installed.

  1. Pull the refrigerator away from the wall and unplug the power cord from the outlet.

  2. Remove the contents of the freezer and then remove the freezer shelves.

  3. Loosen the two screws on the top of the evaporator cover on the rear freezer wall. Remove the two screws on the bottom of the evaporator cover.

  4. Pull the evaporator cover forward and then down to remove the cover from the rear wall and expose the evaporator fan.

  5. Disconnect the two wires connected to the evaporator. To disconnect, squeeze the tab on each wire connector and pull the connectors apart.

  6. Remove the four mounting screws securing the motor bracket assembly to the fan shroud.

  7. Pry the fan blade off of the motor shaft and remove the fan blade.

  8. Remove the screws from the rear fan mounting bracket and remove the fan motor from the evaporator assembly.

  9. Install the new fan motor and secure it to the rear fan mounting bracket using the mounting screws that were removed.

  10. Install the fan blade on the new motor shaft and then secure the front bracket.

  11. Reconnect the wire connectors and replace the evaporator cover, securing it with the mounting screws.

  12. Restore power to the refrigerator.