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How to Remove the Cover From a Sunbeam Mixmaster Mixer Model 2366

David Clair

The Sunbeam Mixmaster model 2366 is a 275-watt stand mixer with 12 speed settings. The motor and other components are located beneath the outer cover. In some situations, such as for cleaning or repair, the outer cover must be removed in order to access the interior parts of the unit. The job is fairly straightforward and does not take long to complete.

  1. Turn the speed control dial to zero. Disconnect the power cord from the wall socket.

  2. Press the beater release button on the top of the 2366 mixer. Remove the beaters from their sockets.

  3. Remove the mixing bowl from the mixer base. Lift the bowl turntable off of the base.

  4. Insert the tip of the flat-blade screwdriver along the seam of the circular plastic disc on the front of the motor housing. Move the screwdriver back and forth to pry the disc off.

  5. Remove the screws that are exposed on the front of the motor housing. Lift the outer cover off of the Sunbeam Mixmaster.