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How to Test a Refrigerator Baffle

Cleveland Van Cecil

Inside the refrigerator is a series of controls that regulates the temperature inside the unit. In many fridges there is a motorized air baffle that controls the air flow from the freezer of the unit. The baffle is controlled by a thermistor. The thermistor senses the temperature in the fridge. When the temperature rises above the settings you set, the fridge is cooled further. The baffle closes when the fridge reaches its ideal temperature. Testing the baffle may be necessary if the fridge is performing random cooling cycles.

A baffle is used to control air intake into the fridge.
  1. Unplug the unit from the wall.

  2. Remove the mounting screws from the air baffle cover toward the side of the freezer. Pull the cover off.

  3. Release the air baffle retaining clips from the top of the freezer. Push the baffle into the hole.

  4. Pull the wiring out from the baffle.

  5. Set a multi-tester to the X1 setting. Turn the baffle to the highest setting. Touch the probes of the multi-tester to the terminals. The multi-tester should read infinity. Change the baffle to the coolest setting. The tester should read zero. Replace the unit if you receive a different reading.