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How do I Install a 86889 HEPA Air Filter?

Johnathan Cronk

High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are common additions to household appliances, suck as vacuums. The Kenmore HEPA air filter #86889 is the replacement filter for Kenmore Progressive Upright vacuum cleaners. The filter traps particles such as pollen and dust, resulting in cleaner air within your home. You cannot clean the HEPA filter; when it becomes dirty, you must replace it. Learn how to access and install the filter properly to ensure your vacuum cleans the air properly as it removes dirt.

Ensure clean air within your room by replacing your vacuum HEPA filter when needed.
  1. Unplug the Kenmore vacuum, and allow it to rest for two minutes.

  2. Remove the exhaust filter cover on the back of the vacuum. The filter housing and cover sitson the back, toward the bottom of the unit, and has a label that reads "HEPA filter." Press the release tab and pull the cover outward to remove. You will now have access to the HEPA filter.

  3. Remove the old filter by lifting it out of the unit. Discard the filter.

  4. Install the 86889 HEPA filter into the vacuum with the airflow arrow printed on the filter pointing toward the cover. The foam seal on the filter should rest against the vacuum body.

  5. Replace the HEPA filter cover. Insert the bottom tabs of the cover into the slots on the unit, and push the cover into place until it snaps signaling it's secured.