How to Replace a Kenmore Canister Vacuum Belt

Christina Teter

Changing the belt on a Kenmore canister vacuum is a relatively easy task. You need simple hand tools and a small amount of time to finish the job.

Belt replacement is usually necessary after several years’ worth of use; however, if you run something through the vacuum that is too big or has a sharp end, your belt may need to be replaced sooner.

  1. Remove the old belt from your Kenmore canister vacuum by turning the vacuum upside down. Be sure to unplug the vacuum before trying to remove the belt.

  2. Unscrew the two cover screws from the bottom of the vacuum with a standard screwdriver. Turn the vacuum back over and release the latches that hold the cover on the vacuum. Remove the cover by grasping the sides of the cover lifting it up by hand.

  3. Remove the agitator assembly out of the vacuum body by hand. Also remove the worn belt from the machine by hand.

  4. Install the new belt in the same position as the old belt over the motor drive and the brush sprocket inside the vacuum.

  5. Replace the agitator assembly in its previous position. Replace the cover by lining up the latches. Hook the latches to secure the cover back into place.

  6. Turn the vacuum upside down. Replace the two cover screws that you previously removed.