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How to Install a Belt on a Riccar Vacuum

Charles Poole

If you have been using your Riccar vacuum lately and found that the brushes on the underside of the vacuum aren’t working properly, you many need to change the belt. There's no need to take your vacuum into a service shop. Although there are many models of Riccar vacuums, changing the belt on the unit is similar for all of them.

Changing the belt on your Riccar vacuum will improve its performance.
  1. Unplug the vacuum from the wall outlet. Make sure power isn't going into the unit before you start working.

  2. Press down on the release button so the vacuum can be bent. Lay the vacuum flat on the ground and then turn it over so you have access to the brush roller and the baseplate on the underside of the unit.

  3. Unscrew the four or five screws holding the baseplate to the underside of the vacuum, using a screwdriver. Different models have different quantities of screws.

  4. Remove the baseplate from the unit and then pull the brush roller out of the brush roller housing. Unhook the Riccar vacuum belt from the brush roller.

  5. Unhook the belt from the motor pulley directly above the brush roller. This will be a small pin-like object coming from the vacuum’s motor.

  6. Hook the belt over the motor pulley and then hook the belt over the brush roller on the smooth ring designed for the belt.

  7. Pull the brush roller until it fits inside the brush roller housing and the belt is tight. Replace the baseplate on the Riccar vacuum’s underside. Replace the screws holding the baseplate in place.

  8. Turn the vacuum over and plug it in. Watch the brushes to make sure they are moving properly.