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How to Clear a Clog From a Dyson DC24

Amy Sutton

A Dyson DC24 is an upright vacuum designed to be lightweight, at only around 11 pounds, with ultimate maneuverability. Thanks to the continuous-power root cyclone technology in the Dyson DC24, the vacuum cleaner is not likely to ever become blocked or clogged. If your appliance does happen to develop a blockage that is preventing the proper amount of suction, it is easy to check the hoses and brush bar for any obstructions that may exist.

  1. Turn off the Dyson D24 using the "On/Off" switch found on the right side of the vacuum just below the handle. Unplug the vacuum cleaner from the electrical outlet.

  2. Position the vacuum in its upright position.

  3. Inspect the hoses and airways for any blockages.

  4. Dump out all items that are clogging the machine. Small toys and other objects can become stuck inside hoses, but can be easily dumped out or pushed out with a stick or a straightened metal coat hanger.

  5. Check the brush bar to see if anything is preventing it from moving properly. Turn the Dyson upside down and locate the knob on the right side of the brush bar where there is an image of a closed lock and an open lock. Turn this knob to the unlocked position and pull the knob to the right. Pull the brush bar out of the hole where the knob extends from and clean off the brush. Replace the brush bar, put the knob back on and turn it back to its locked position.

  6. Turn the Dyson back upright, plug its cord into a power source and turn the switch to "On". Test the vacuum to see if it has proper suction now.