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Directions for Changing the Belt on a Eureka Maxima Vacuum

Meredith Jameson

Eureka manufactures several types of vacuums, including bagless uprights, traditional uprights, canister and lightweight models. The Eureka Maxima has 12 amps of power, a turbo nozzle, allergen filter, and a five-position height adjustment for use on various types of carpet.

If the belt inside the Maxima cracks, splits or breaks, the vacuum will no longer function properly and will require a new vacuum belt. Replacing the belt inside the vacuum is fairly simple but should only be attempted once the Maxima is turned off and unplugged.

  1. Lower the handle down to the floor and use a screwdriver to loosen and remove the two screws that hold the Maxima hood in place. Set the screws someplace safe.

  2. Lift up the hood and examine the brush roll, taking note of its position and the belt's. Lift up the left side of the brush roll and pull up to remove the brush roll.

  3. Remove the old belt and discard. Use a clean cloth to wipe around the area to remove extra dirt or debris.

  4. Slide the new belt around the motor shaft. Place the belt around the right side of the brush roll, pulling slightly to stretch the belt. Place the right end of the brush roll into the vacuum and push into place.

  5. Push the left end of the brush roll into position inside the vacuum cleaner. Roll the brush roll gently to ensure the belt is correctly positioned.

  6. Close the hood and restore the screws into position. Restore power before using the vacuum.