How to Fix Eureka Vacuum Brushes That Won't Turn

Thomas Ferraioli

Spinning agitator brushes dig deep into carpet fibers to fluff up your carpet while removing embedded dirt. If the brushes do not spin, you need to replace the rubber belt inside the motorized unit. Replacement belts are found where Eureka vacuums are sold.


Check your model number before purchasing a belt. Belts are specific to individual models.


Always make sure the vacuum or any electrical device is not plugged in before servicing.

Replacing a Eureka Vacuum Belt

  1. Turn the vacuum head over; examine to see if your unit is secured with a latch or with screws.

  2. Remove the panel either by releasing the latch mechanism or by removing the screws.

  3. Remove and discard the old belt. Take note of how the belt was threaded around the motor shaft and the brush drum.

  4. Loop the new belt around the roller brush. It may be necessary to remove the brush drum to do this; replace the brush once the belt is in place.

  5. Thread the belt around the motor shaft by stretching the belt with the screwdriver.

  6. Test the connection by spinning the brush drum. Make sure the belt does not pop off and spins the motor shaft. Replace the bottom cover.